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About us

About LewAyisyen:
Le'w Ayisyen, a Haitian clothing store online; was created in April 2016 when two entrepreneurs had an idea of a lifetime. Our co founders noticed that Haitians have a deep passion for their culture and a great interest to help improve the current situations, so they dug deeper. What they found was a disconnection between Haitians living outside of Haiti to the culture and their limits on how they can help Haitians communities. So we decided to elevate how people shop Haitian Clothing online.  Le'w Ayisyen seeks to inspire, guide and motivate others to get involve and support the movement. We hope to bring together all types of people to help maintain the beauty of Haiti. We try to bring the beauty of Haiti to the world through our Haitian clothing, our social media outlets which is inspire by people, places and culture who represent this beautiful place. Our team, which is based in salt Lake City, Utah, is small, fun, and easy to work with.


We challenge you to take on our mission and live a life devoted to get to place back on track. We believe that we can make a great impact in our culture in also in making this beautiful country a better place. Le a rive, Le'w Ayisyen wa konprann! haitian Clothing